This patanted method enables anti-counterfeit protection of goods or valuable items with the help of a special marking on the product packaging.

In CheckOpti one of two-dimensional matrix codes – QR code – is used. The code can be applied on any surface (glass, metal, etc.). CheckOpti can be in the form of a readymade sticker as well as a code printed during production.

CheckOpti is an ideal and inexpensive system to protect inexpensive FMCG manufactured in large quantities against counterfeiting.


Our Solutions

CheckNote is the most secure verification system of physical products authenticity with the use of a banknote

CheckOpti™ is a multi-verification authenticity system using an optical encrypted mark

CheckOne™ is a one-time highly reliable verification system of physical product authenticity

CheckCertificate™ is a unique solution which allows companies to encode and mark their products certificates

CheckTrace™ is a verification system extended with physical product geolocation management

Counterfeit Statistics

Counterfeit caused losses worldwide in US dollars

United States225 Bn

European Union80 Bn

Mexico75 Bn

Authenticity Validation Solutions